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The 'Other' menu
2010.11.21 09:59:48

I run with OpenBox and the lxde panel. And stuff but the point here is the "other" menu group in the lxpanel menu. Makes me mental.

I've been looking at it for too long and today I finally did something about it. Very easy to edit that section out of the lxde applications menu.

If you want to remove the 'other' menu group as well it's a snap.

In your terminal-fu:

# cd /etc/xdg/menus

# nano

In nano....

Ctrl+w for: other

And then simply comment out the 'other' menu section. There is already a comment there to announce the beginning and end of the section so all I did was to corrupt them for my needs.

Insta-change. When you save the file the 'other' menu group is gone.

Took, what? 15 seconds?

If you have to be sitting at a computer at least make sure it's running Debian.

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Does need a Privacy Policy?
2009.04.22 20:40:43

I wrote one up yesterday but I'm not going to publish it. I don't think it's necessary here as you don't submit any personal data and I don't retain any.

Only thing employed on is cookies and those dissolve away when you close your browser.

Tell me -- does the site need a privacy policy or is the world just crazy with their paranoid demands? Further, what's to prevent me from just lying to you? I mean besides my impeccable **cough** reputation?

Give me a good argument for and I might publish what I wrote up yesterday. However, at this point I think it wholly unnecessary. People look at the site, they don't interact or give up their souls. Pfft.

If you want to become a member so you can submit articles or have a Debian Linux related blog here -- woohoo! You can sign up at https:// and you can not freak out at my generic shared certificate.

People are too gullible in general and their demands for privacy policies on sites like this one are silly. Lol, I'm not AT&T whoring out your personal details to make a profit. I don't even accept advertising. And let me tell you -- I get hit up for it frequently enough.

If you're worried about me or any tech I employ, get yourself educated, relax and tell your story walking. is community, not for-profit or board run.

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I found this treatise on my hard drive
2009.04.16 17:48:16

Where'd this come from?  Just found it a minute ago and thought it wicked, if a little ideological.  But, what's so wrong ith that?


Humanity promises itself to...

let the endeavors of the people benefit all people, and be utilized by the people

let the currency of the land hold court nevermore

let our educational endeavors educate and be not governed

let the earth be protected by deed and ill-focused evolution, intentions, and discussions of hind-sight

let us seek to perpetuate human, earth, and life, neither reversed in deed or thought, shaped by, evolved by, human and its place on the earth.

let none prosper should any suffer, no punishment exacted, but a focus of public endeavor to end suffering.

let no country yeild war or sufferage, entice such, be glorified for, or have charters, ideals enabling such.

let no country prosper while another suffers, save the natural evolution of earth and its inhabitants.

let no citizen have while another does not. the wealth of humanity is the only wealth sought, altruism over greed, empirical endeavors benefitting humanity.

let none force another, let none suffer others for lack of or malicious or incorrect action. let none be allowed to suffer stupidity.

recognize leaders, enable little power to an entity or individual, merely allowing some to be mediators, trained as such, benefiting humanity and earth.

let all believe and be, harrased by none in idea or intention, governance or construct, tenet or theory...
 and vows:

We are the race of Human, evolved to teen-ager, needing direction, accepting these aforementioned tenets as true and honest, endeavor in our persuit of life and happiness to follow such in all facets of life, knowing, believing, and teaching these ideals enabling the evolution of humankind.


it is time for humanity to regain itself. it is time for revolution



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2009.04.16 17:18:20

Filed last night at 11:57PM.  lol, even though we get a refund I always do it moments before the "deadline" of midnight on 15 April. Anyway, fella I know out of Colorado, let's call him wreckless-abandon because it would tickle him, calls last night right as I was about to swing with Lynne.  Bad timing, dude, I'm rockin' right now....

But he says...Hey, tea parties all over the place tonight.  I say, Ya, I was reading....and then he tells me something like 27 million folks have decided not to file this year.  I say, "Whoa, there....27 million?"  He says, "Yeah.".   And I wonder if that's more than typically vote in a presidential election.  I'm thinking that it is and it impresses me no end.

Then wreckless-abandon starts talking about how people are wicked annoyed and I say, ya, and he says people are ready to start acting.

And I say, whoa there...and he says protests and I say protesters are chumps...allowing themselves to be "quarantined" by the local cops, corralled in some back alley with their pretty signs and sing-along chants.  Ya, wicked, man, wicked useless.

And he says, ya.  Then starts talking about states rights and all that, and I tell him of the latest DHS report on profiling the "wickedness" that men do....and we laugh an uncomfortable laugh and I wish him well and luck tonight.  He says, ya, and I'll call you tomorrow and I demand it and we hang up and I get back to fingering Lynne into sonic oblivion.

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Ask a random guy about open source
2009.04.16 17:06:16

This morning (this actually occured yesterday morning)  I had the occassion to speak with a gentleman in the "Tire-Changing-Place's" waiting room. He was sporting a tie and carrying a Blackberry so I knew he was with corporate America. I wanted to ask this guy a question.

"Pardon me", I said, "Can I ask you a question?", I asked. "Sure", he said.

"Are you aware of any Open Source software that you guys might be using at work?"

Immediately he responded with "No." But a moment later he confessed that indeed, and he tried to remember the name....we use Open Office. He remembered.  

I next asked if there was any dissention in-house because of using it. He said no way, people were happy. We talked a little more about open source and he told me that his house used Goldmine, which is an app I used in the past as well. It's a sales babysitter, but he brought it up for the mail integration and he didn't like using it instead of Outlook because it didn't jibe with some of the other hardware/software he was using.

A legitimate complaint but one I can't speak to as it's an in-house proprietary concern. After a few more minutes of discussion we arrived at the conclusion that the software doesn't really matter, it's the function. What does matter, though, to this random gentleman and to me, too, is the control proprietary software vendors have over their end-using customers.

Spooky indeed.

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How handy is Recoll?
2009.04.11 17:01:05

I read an article about a storm tearing up a town in Tennessee this morning that made my heart race a little. An old friend of mine comes from that town!

We had a falling out a few years ago so I don't have her current email addy handy but she had a pretty rockin' site up that I know still exists to point to her new blog. So I went there straight away to contact her. Get her out an email.

But following; it had occured to me that in her last email she mentioned something about moving. Hmmm.

So I fired-up recoll, my favorite desktop search utility, and searched for ("all terms") her name. The very first return, which came at me about instantly by the way, was her last email. Bam, there's her email address, bam, there it is right in front of me that, yes, she had moved. She and the kids are living in Nashville now.


Then I fired a proper email off to her letting her know that I knew she and hers were safe in Nashville. Which just made my day in all kinds of ways because even though she drives me bonkers, I love her deeply - we're old friends.

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More of the same
2009.04.10 18:03:24

Last night, for example, we got together over at Mark's for some guy madness as the Bruins took the game! It was wicked... It was mentioned more than once during the night how the talking heads on TV talked about the game continually for hours folling because it was so good.


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Importance and Obligation of Understanding Linux Conventions
2009.03.25 01:22:32

Perhaps I should have made this a blog entry instead of a forum entry in the first place. Oh, well, I will now.

Importance and Obligation of Understanding Linux Conventions

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Why I Enjoy (not love, freaks) my Favoirite Linux Desktop Environment
2009.03.19 17:46:29

I saw yet another gurgle of literary barf this morning .. why kde is better than gnome why I love gnome more than kde why gnome sucks why kde sucks omfg/./.

OK -- everyone together now so we can be heard - LOL!!!. And another right-away, I'm guilty - I probably wrote the same crap in the past. I was a hack.

But I'm cured now. And everyone else needs to be as well.

You like (Gnome, KDE, OpenBox, Fluxbox, Xfce4, infinitum - damned pesky fleas.) : cool. WOOHOO!!! Today is your day. You ROCK! Everybody gather 'round so we can all celebrate with h'mer.


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Last week was full of madness
2009.03.16 19:25:35

Oof. Last week was chock full of weirdness, awe, despair, revelations and even an epiphany or 2. It was one of those weeks that might prompt folks to start a diary. Or, in the 21st century we might start a blog. Because now all of a sudden diaries need to be public.

One of the ideas in motion from last week is how Debian rocks the crowd when they see it in action. I cracked my own ice with one lame article that's gone now but has served its purpose. This week promises to be full of adventure as I take my laptop with me everywhere even to places that I don't normally go. Like, where people are, lol. It's Monday, 16 march and I'm wicked busy today but tomorrow looks like a fine day as Spring approaches to ride this wave of Open Source and Linux that's capturing everyone right to the folks that need it most.

Did you ever make up a secret code or language with your pals when you were a kid?

Imagine the possibilities......


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