2011.10.15 19:36:27

I remember the old saying to copy something is the ultimate compliment. I saw an interesting article the other day, citing how to make your Android phone into an iPhone. Then they referenced the hottest new functions from Cupertino's phone. The author easily pointed out apps in the Android market that provide similiar functionality. In fact, none of these items were newly released software. The only thing about the story I found interesting was the title, which was obviously there for the Non-Android users. I actually like the iPhone, someone got the ball rolling in smartphones, and what we are dealing with today is a great tool for this information age. But personally, I will take power and freedom. A close friend said to me yesterday he knew lots of iPhone users, not one that did not love their phone. I sort of agreed (I once used one a lot, and did not like it, but that was years ago, and it set an impression), and the quick report was knowing several Android OS phone owners that were unhappy. I reminded him of a few years back, we both had Razr XX phones. Although Razr phones were notoriously poor, the Razr XX was a very highly rated phone in the day. Although there is but one closely controlled platform for iPhone, there are many Android phones. A give away Android phone does not compare to the flagship Android phones offered by the carriers. Still, keep your eyes open, and watch retailers like Best Buy that hold Phone Free Friday events, and snag yourself a deal, and I am fairly certain you will appreciate the ending. Surf Safe, ezsurfer


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