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2010.12.12 19:41:48

recollindex -m -x &

That's the line I have in .config/openbox/autostart.sh so Recoll starts with my desktop and works in real time. It's fabulous. I save a lot of articles I read online and generate a bunch of crap myself. With Recoll always running, indexing, I can begin to use anything new within seconds. Like 1 or 2. That's cool.

Gnome, KDE, et al, have a pretty clickable dialogs so you can add programs to 'startup'. With OpenBox you just open a file and add an entry. Either way, with Recoll running real time you're tight&right.

If you're interested in Recoll because for some crazy reason you're not already running it, be sure to have a look here for some handy pre-install tips. Especially the 'helpers' section. You'll want to install a couple ancillary programs to get the most of Recoll.

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2009.04.11 17:01:05

I read an article about a storm tearing up a town in Tennessee this morning that made my heart race a little. An old friend of mine comes from that town!

We had a falling out a few years ago so I don't have her current email addy handy but she had a pretty rockin' site up that I know still exists to point to her new blog. So I went there straight away to contact her. Get her out an email.

But following; it had occured to me that in her last email she mentioned something about moving. Hmmm.

So I fired-up recoll, my favorite desktop search utility, and searched for ("all terms") her name. The very first return, which came at me about instantly by the way, was her last email. Bam, there's her email address, bam, there it is right in front of me that, yes, she had moved. She and the kids are living in Nashville now.


Then I fired a proper email off to her letting her know that I knew she and hers were safe in Nashville. Which just made my day in all kinds of ways because even though she drives me bonkers, I love her deeply - we're old friends.

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