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Written by machiner   
Monday, 09 March 2009 07:17

As with everything about your Linux desktop, if you don't like a thing the way it is you can change it. Today I wanted to customize the default Xfce4 menu a bit as I never use most of what's in it and I hate a thing not being used. It's pretty simple to do this and you can choose a setting to make your menu edits last through an

$ update-menus

as well.

edit xfce4 menu

Go ahead and right-click on the Xfce4 menu and choose edit menu.

In the resulting window you can check off those things you would prefer not appear in the menu. Very simple. What's more, you can add whatever you like to the menu as well.


add xfce4 menu item

Say you didn't like the default -- include --    system menu item and you wanted to create your own groups of your favorite programs arranged the way you like them. No sweat. Just click on the + symbol in the menu bar and have at it. You can create titles for groups and then add your favorite programs into those groups. Wicked easy.


save xfce4 menu


When you're finished go ahead and save the menu as something useful to you, in a directory you'll remember to backup as part of your normal system maintenance.


You can now close the menu manager. One more step we take is to ensure that Xfce4 will use our custom menu instead of the default one is to go ahead and instruct it so. Right-click on your menu one more time this time choosing properties. In the second section it reads Menu File. Choose the second choice, "use custom menu file", click the folder icon to the right and go choose that custom menu you just saved. Sweet. Close the menu editor after you've done that.

All finished. No logging out necessary to see your new menu, go ahead and click the button...see? Now you can still update Debian's menu when you add or remove software and your Xfce4 menu will remain instead of reverting to the default.

--machiner 9mar09

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