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Does need a Privacy Policy? Print E-mail
Written by machiner   
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 10:40

I wrote one up yesterday but I'm not going to publish it. I don't think it's necessary here as you don't submit any personal data and I don't retain any.

Only thing employed on is cookies and those dissolve away when you close your browser.

Tell me -- does the site need a privacy policy or is the world just crazy with their paranoid demands? Further, what's to prevent me from just lying to you? I mean besides my impeccable **cough** reputation?

Give me a good argument for and I might publish what I wrote up yesterday. However, at this point I think it wholly unnecessary. People look at the site, they don't interact or give up their souls. Pfft.

If you want to become a member so you can submit articles or have a Debian Linux related blog here -- woohoo! You can sign up at https:// and you can not freak out at my generic shared certificate.

People are too gullible in general and their demands for privacy policies on sites like this one are silly. Lol, I'm not AT&T whoring out your personal details to make a profit. I don't even accept advertising. And let me tell you -- I get hit up for it frequently enough.

If you're worried about me or any tech I employ, get yourself educated, relax and tell your story walking. is community, not for-profit or board run.

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ezsurfer  - Privacy Policy   |Author |2009-04-22 12:54:04
I think you wrote one

"you don't submit any personal data and I don't retain any."

Works for
me. Makes a ton of sense. I'll sign off on it, even!

machiner  - Rockin'   | |2009-04-22 13:37:04
That's all I need.

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