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Parenting Horror Stories By: machiner Date: July 24, 2008, 07:12:38 AM

That's some scary shit right there, ey?  As parents we fear a lot for our kids.  Some of us even get a little too neurotic, and on that rare occassion, their neuroses is justified because something horrible happens to their family or one or more of their kids....or whatever.

As you all know, my dearest friend lost her nephew last week.  That's pretty horrible, especially for her brother, the boy's Dad, and his Mom and brother....and everybody.

To this point, I don't think we have any horror stories to tell **machiner knocks wood, crosses fingers, throws  some salt, does a little jig**.  Sure, close calls, injuries, a fire, the boy swallowing *something* that one time...But we've been relatively lucky.

You?  I don't wish you to relive horrific events and I do apologise if this thread made you think of a terrible thing that your family suffered.  But....ever drive away from the supermarket with your baby on the roof of the car?  That's kinda funny, in a twisted, glad I never did that, kind of way....but OMFG, it's a horror story, too.

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